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CES AV club: the Engadget podcast returns, video with Veronica Belmont!

Ryan Block, @ryan

Engadget podcast fans, good news! I'll be bringing back the podcast for the duration of CES, with our editorial team and a special guest or two sitting in on the show to discuss the big news in Vegas. So fire up your podcast aggregator / iTunes / Zune Marketplace, or keep an eye on the Engadget podcast feed, because the show will be back on the air for next week and next week only!

And on the video front, we're teaming up with CNET-expat and Engadget ladyfriend Veronica Belmont and her excellent team at Mahalo Daily, who will help round out Engadget's up to the minute video coverage. We're expecting great things, so be sure to check back for Engadget + Mahalo Daily (and all the rest of our video) out at the Engadget video tag.


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