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Mad Catz to make Rock Band instruments

Kyle Orland

With the absolute flood of third-party guitars for the Guitar Hero series, it's not that surprising that accessory-makers are jumping on the Rock Band-wagon, too. Well, at least one is. Mad Catz today announced a "multi-year licensing agreement" with MTV Games to produce "both wired and wireless bass guitars, a drum percussion set bundled with professional quality wooden drum sticks, and a wired microphone."

While having extra options for drum kits and microphones is nice, the addition of officially licensed, wireless, third-party guitars will be welcome news to PS3 owners tired of not being able to use their Guitar Hero III guitars with Rock Band and Xbox 360 owners tired of tripping over wires -- not to mention general Rock Band owners tired of replacing their broken bundled guitars. The instruments will be available in the "first half of 2008," according to the release.

While the release specifically addresses Rock Band instruments, it also leaves the door open for other applicable "game accessories." We personally can't wait for the inevitable pyrotechnics launcher that goes off every time you nail a tough solo. Just, er, be careful with it, OK?

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