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Nintendo: No 'complete' DS games via Wii, only demos


While The New York Times was busy correcting the spelling of Reggie's surname (twice!) – it's 'Fils-Aime' – Nintendo got to work righting the Business Day article's bigger blunder, which claims, "Complete games ... will be able to be downloaded into the Wii using its broadband connection, and then transferred wirelessly to the DS." In a statement released today, Nintendo corrected the bogus announcement, explaining that "in the future, the Nintendo DS will be able to receive demo versions of some DS games from Wii, but not the entire game." These demos, like all content that can be beamed to DS currently, will be erased once the handheld is switched off.

Mr. Taub penned a real lemon for The NY Times on Monday. The article has a growing list of edits appended to the end and still contains the major error cited today, along with this beautifully muffed sentence: "Mr. Fils-Aime said that future DS device will be more tightly integrated with its Wii console."

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