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Predictions for the format war in 2008

Darren Murph

Considering that we've already asked you for general tech predictions in 2008, as well as taken the time to peer into your mind about the most anticipated HD innovations, it seems only fair to dedicate a prediction post to the still-raging format war. Of course, if you listen to the analysts, you'll find an incredibly varied selection of responses, but we suppose that follows logic -- you know, considering that we're all really in the dark here. Nevertheless, we figure there's no better way to kick off 2008 (and CES) than to toss out a few outlandish (and we mean outlandish) guesses as to where the format war will be this time next year (if it's still around by then, that is).

1) Warner will indeed go Blu-ray only at CES, sending the HD DVD camp into horrific fits of panic.
2) Warner will throw us all a curveball, confess its unending love for HD DVD and bid adieu to Blu.
3) Combo players will experience an unexpected and completely welcome drop in prices, both formats maintain their edge.
4) DVD forms a militia, overthrows both high-definition formats.
5) Blu-ray finally undercuts HD DVD in the hardware price department, red withers away.
6) Online 1080p movie rentals become the norm, sales of both formats sink.
7) HD DVD woos a major BD studio (or two), steals away Blu market share.
8) A major television manufacturer begins mass marketing sets with either HD DVD / Blu-ray drives within, the excluded format loses ground.
9) Blu-ray figureheads offer Toshiba a grotesquely large sum of money to bow out, BDA celebrates for weeks.
10) Despite incessant rambling from fanboys the world over, sales remain fairly steady throughout 2008 -- we find ourselves in this very spot as 2009 commences.

That's it for our surmising, now let's hear what you all think. You know the drill, drop in your wildest speculation below -- but don't be afraid to mix in a little intelligence, okay?

[Thanks for the idea, Tom!]

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