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Samsung's M110 "Solid" phone is rugged, boring


Samsung's M110 "Solid" phone is apparently making its way to the UK soon, bringing with it a ruggedized exterior sure to resist even the most violent attacks (or scratching, at least). Aside from the tough exterior the device, it's actually a fantastically boring GSM phone, featuring EDGE / GPRS data, a 240 x 320 screen, Bluetooth, a VGA camera, FM tuner... and MMS! The Korean electronics-maker claims this phone is the "first ultra durable handset," which is wildly inaccurate, though the device can apparently withstand shocks, water, and hanging out with Tara Reid for a night. Price is expected to hover somewhere near the £59.99 mark (or about $119), and will be available in the UK on the O2 network soon.

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