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Disney begins 2008 Blu-ray rollout with a bang

Steven Kim

Disney is joining in on the Blu-ray party at CES, with a bunch of 2008 rollout announcements. In a return to the studio's golden age, Sleeping Beauty will be the first title to receive Platinum Edition treatment which adds BD-Live features to the enhanced-for-Blu video and 7.1 audio. Disney's also revamping their more recent catalog; Finding Nemo will feature Cine-Explore PIP commentaries. These are kid-friendly titles, so each one has some interactive gaming features: Maleficent's Challenge and Mr. Ray's Ed-Venture, respectively. As you know, this Blu-ray trend is worldwide, so the different regions (North America, Europe/Australia, Japan) get individual treatment for releases of more grown-up titles. Lots more details in the link, but we're looking forward to The Rock on January 8 and Crimson Tide on February 5.

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