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Fujitsu revs the Lifebook P-series with the P8010

Nilay Patel

The Lifebook P7000 series has been getting pretty long in the tooth -- you know the end is near when the pink models show up -- and Fujitsu's taking the opportunity at CES to replace it with the P8000 series. The new P8010 bumps the screen size up to 12 inches and retains the P-series's built-in optical drive, but manages to come in even trimmer than the outgoing P7230, at just 2.7 pounds. A 1.2GHz Intel ULV U7600 Core 2 Duo and Vista combine to provide a 9-hour battery life with the standard battery, and Fujitsu will be shipping an extended life unit that'll go for 11 hours. Fujitsu says the a diamond black P8010 will hit in February, starting at $1,699, with a white version to follow.

Update: Indeed this is the American version of the LOOX R, which means we can put all that Penryn speculation to bed, since the U7600 is a Merom chip. [Thanks, Jack]

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