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Philips intros the Ambisound HTS6100 surround bar and HTS6515D HTIB

Nilay Patel

The flood of product introductions from Philips continues on, this time with the Ambisound HTS6100 5.1-channel surround bar and HTS6515 home theater in a box. The HTS6100 is essentially a lower-end repackaging of last year's HTS8100, only this time with iPod dock and $599 pricetag -- $200 less than the HTS8100 -- and the HTS6515 is the $499 baby brother version of last year's $599 HTS6600. Of course, it wouldn't be a Philips product if it didn't come with some recklessly insane hyperbole, and those ready to get their Ambisound on should be ready to "lose themselves in an immersive cinematic experience" as "the joint performance of sound and video pulls you away from reality." Why, you ask? Because "there is no risk of cluttered space or tangled speaker wires," of course. Ah, no wonder we've been trapped this hellish reality for so long. Check the HTS6600 after the break.

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