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Pioneer releases four Bluetooth-enabled car stereos

Nilay Patel

Sure, they're not the hot new AVIC-LINC or SCD car entertainment rigs Pioneer was hyping today during its press conference, but these four new Bluetooth-enabled, HD Radio-ready decks are pretty hot in their own right. Pioneer says the double-DIN FH-P8000BT and FH-800BT have "better than OEM" appearance, with a 3-line OLED display, while the single-DIN DEH-P7000BT (pictured) and DEH-P700BT make due with a single line display. All the units come with built-in microphone for handsfree Bluetooth calling, a USB port for playing files off flash drives, and the iPod integration features have been beefed up to include new alphabetical search modes and -- a feature we've wanted for years -- the ability for a passenger to use the iPod itself to select and play tunes. All these should hit sometime in March for between $290 and $330.

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