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PS3 Poll Police: Has the format war really started to end?

Nick Doerr

We had a big announcement this week -- Warner Bros. declared Blu-ray exclusivity starting later this year. This means yet another huge library of movies will only be available on the Blu-ray format. This decision may have been swayed due to the fact Blu-ray films have outpaced their competitors since day one, or it may have been a giant burlap sack with a money sign painted on it. Who knows. This begs the question from your favorite Poll Police, though: do you think the format wars are ending?
Has the format war started to come to an end?
Yep, this is the final nail in HD DVD's coffin.
This signals the beginning of the end, but nothing definitive.
It really doesn't mean a lot at all.
The format wars will continue for a while.
I suspect HD DVD will pay off some other studio now to counter. free polls
We aren't sure what to make of it, yet. It's too early to really see the effects of the big announcement and the internet seems alight with people nailing the coffin shut when they didn't look to see if anything was inside. Either way, it's a step in the right direction for Blu-ray and its enthusiasts. Curious about last week's poll? We are, too. Take a look after the jump.

The keyword in this poll was "random". You could chock it up to our lack of desire to research which games were prone to delay, but really, we just slapped up some random big-name titles of 2008. Clearly we all expect Final Fantasy XIII to get pushed to '09, and Killzone 2 garnered a lot of support, too. In the end, we all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should. Most of these games will get delayed. We expect at least half of this "random" list to hit in '09 and not this year. But we could be wrong. Only time will tell. Thanks for voting!

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