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Queen Elizabeth II on Wii: One approves


We always suspected that the Wii, much like the toilet, could be a great social leveller. After all, no matter how blue your blood, anybody is going to look like a bit of a plum playing Wii Sports. Obviously, that doesn't remotely faze us (we're not very cool people anyway), it shouldn't faze you, and it certainly doesn't faze Queen Elizabeth II.

Yeah, you heard us: according to British red-top The People, Her Maj is the latest fan of Nintendo's console, and something of a pro at Wii bowling. The monarch discovered the Wii after her grandson, the prematurely balding Prince William, received one of the rare consoles as a Christmas gift from his girlfriend. We actually really love the mental image this story conjures up: the 81-year-old Queen swinging blissfully away while being watched by Wills, Harry, Phillip, several corgis, and various Royal Family underlings, and then getting roundly applauded for knocking down a single pin.

Seriously though, ma'am, it's good to know you're having fun with our taxes your new console. Welcome aboard!

[Via NeoGAF]

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