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Sunday Morning Funnies: Giggles

Amanda Miller

It's been a quiet week in WoW-themed comedy, largely due to the holidays. While I don't have many for you to choose from this week, I think you'll find these amusing and mysterious.

  1. Buffly from Dark Legacy Comics
  2. Holiday Wishes from GUComics
  3. #109 from Looking for Group
  4. Lion's Pride Inn Vol. 1 Pg. 6: The Sentinel
  5. The latest Comic Contest Honorable Mention, from Scrumpcious
Have a favorite? Cast your vote and see the results from previous weeks.


Results of the vote from December 23rd 2007 to January 5th 2008:
Fresh Holly landed a clear first with 31.8% of the vote. Coming in second was December's Comic Contest winner, Ecclesiastic, holding 23.0% of the vote.

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