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Velocity Micro intros new gaming, desktop and notebook lines


Custom manufacturer Velocity Micro brought some new goodies to CES, including a brace of gaming PCs, a mid-range desktop, and configurable notebook. The Raptor Signature Ultimate Gaming line (pictured, left) takes approximately 5995 of your hard earned smackers (depending on config) in exchange for a personal blessing by Velocity founder Randy Copeland and some actual functionality in the form of Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX9650 and quad 3.0GHz cores. The Edge M40 system (pictured, right) is billed for those "beyond casual gaming," so if you're beyond Peggle but not quite ready to call yourself a hardcore gamer, this could have your name on it. The Edge M40 is built on AMD's new Spider platform and sports AMD Phenom processors and your choice of ATI or nVidia motherboard, starting around $2000 with plenty of options for the tinkerers amongst you. For those still mired in casual gaming, the mid-range Vector Z20 might be your ticket starting at $899, or perhaps the $1499 and up NoteMagix C90 Ultra notebook for some Puzzle Pirates action on the road. Street dates vary on these but all will be rolling out within the next month.

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