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XM intros Sound System, Compact Sound System


Forget iPod docks, we're looking to dock just about every gadget we've got. Lucky for us, that's seeming like more and more of a possibility, with XM's new docks adding to the trend. Built by Audiovox, the XM Sound System and XM Compact Sound System (pictured) are $99.99 and $149.99 respectively. The Sound System has more than 18 hours of battery life to go along with its built-in XM antenna so you can bring your Radio Disney to the park ... or the liquor store. The Compact Sound System is more of a tabletop device (ie: it's agoraphobic, so best to leave it at home). Both systems come with a line-in jack for plugging an iPod or the like straight in. What, no second dock connection?

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[Via Orbitcast]

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