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Breakfast Topics: How many guilds are you split between?

Dan O'Halloran

When World of Warcraft launched, my EverQuest guild immediately signed on. But one of our members had a large number friends not in the EQ guild that wanted to join, so we made a new guild with a new name just for WoW. Within the first year, that guild died down and many of us who moved on to a more active guild.

Flash forward to today. Some of the old EverQuest people are back, this time under the EverQuest guild name. It is a joy to play with them again, but now I find myself caught between three guilds: the first WoW guild, the current one and the returning EQ guild, . Thank Elune for custom chat channels that allow all of us to stay in touch.

I wonder how many of you are caught between guilds old and new? And what do you do about it? How do you handle the temptation to ditch your current guild and go back to party with your old friends who may be far behind you in content?

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