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iriver's new APlayer, Volcano and MPlayer Season II DAPs


We had some inklings about these ones, but iriver is taking the covers off its new fashion-centric DAP lineup. The APlayer already ran away with our hearts with its sexy looks, and while it lacks a screen, the FM tuner, voice recording and 8GB max capacity almost make up for it. The player is controlled with iriver's SPINN Lite dial, and also comes in 2GB and 4GB capacities. Next up is the Volcano (pictured after the break), a "minimalist" USB stick player that features a small screen and otherwise similar features and capacities to the APlayer, along with multiple color choices. Last up is the MPlayer Season II player, which looks to be just the new selection of colors for the existing 1GB Mickey Mouse flash player we've already seen floating around. No word on price or availability for any of these, but if that APlayer doesn't make it to the States we're going to cry.

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