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Iron Chef game listed, then pulled

Justin McElroy

We always enjoyed Cooking Mama, but always felt that it lacked one of the most important qualities for any video game: Seething machismo. So it makes perfect sense to us that someone would stumble on the idea of creating a cooking game based on Iron Chef America, the second-manliest show on TV (you win this round, Deadliest Catch).

The game appears to be on the brink of an announcement, with a listing appearing and disappearing on Gamestop's website for DS and Wii versions of the game, and Siliconera's Spencer Yip indicating that an IC game was being created at Destineer. (Yes, that Destineer). We're already sharpening our knives in anticipation, but we have to ask: To whom do we have to give World's Best Backrub Coupons to get Alton Brown in the game?

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