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Kensington teams with DisplayLink for USB Dual Monitor Adapter


While it hasn't gone so far as to take advantage of DisplayLink's wireless USB video card know-how, Kensington has turned to the company for some help with its new USB Dual Monitor Adapter, which should still get the job doe even it adds a bit more clutter to your desk. Somewhat notably, this one includes both VGA and DVI connectors, and it'll give you your choice of mirrored or extended desktops. Unfortunately (for some), you'll have to make do with a max 1440 x 1050 resolution on widescreen displays or 1280 x 1024 on standard monitors, but you will get full 32-bit color depth and promised " smooth DVD video playback," but as with most of these, Kensington makes no promises about gaming performance. If that's not too much of a compromise for you, you'll be able to grab one of these early in the second quarter of this year for an even $100.

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