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Live coverage from Audiovox's press event

Evan Blass

8:00AM - We're front row for Audiovox's 2008 CES press conference, ready to bring you all the exciting news from the world of the 'Vox and friends (Jensen and RCA). Stay tuned as we wait for presenters to take the podium.

8:08AM - Ok, we're getting started. Tom Malone, President of Audiovox, is on stage, talking about the RCA A/V Group acquisition. Gets into the eight CES Innovations awards that the company's products have won.

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8.10AM - Lyra A6008 slider MP3 player, 8GB, $200 -- from the brand that supposedly "started the MP3 revolution."

8.12AM - Stressing ease of use for RCA DAPs, including auto-loading software, new user interface, and EasyRip media software.
8.14AM - Introduces the Small Wonder Traveler camcorder, 2GB memory, up to 8 hours total recording time, they claim, going for $149. Here comes the Small Wonder Pocket, for teens, 1GB memory, microSD slot, flipout screen.

8.16AM - RCA Infinite Radio -- Internet plus AM/FM, WiFi enabled, USB host, line out, weather reports, recording functions.

8:19AM - Now the WPA24 wireless receiver/transmitter for speakers from Acoustic Research, claims almost no interference. Also from AR, an iPod-capable tabletop radio.

8:21AM - Here comes Audiovox Homebase, the digital message board for your fridge. Two models, one with video, one with just audio and a digiframe. Audio version shipping in the next 45 days, video unit 45 days after.

8:25AM - Now we have Jensen car audio, including the company's first integrated nav system. Going over the Kids and Cars program, which helps makes the little ones safer. One such product is their backup cam system.

8:27AM - New headrest monitors with touchscreens, USB ports, SD card slots, and even an iPod connection. Also new is a DIY, universal headrest kit with integrated LCD display. Three colored sleeves included to match a vehicle's interior, all for $700.

8:30AM - Going over the Audiovox XpressEZ and XpressR XM radios, both of which we've seen before. New is a $100 boombox dock, the Portable Sound System. Another, smaller docking system will also be available.

8:32AM - Introduces the XM Direct2 Programmable Digital Adapter, with which installers can add XM to non-Audiovox head units like Sony, Alpine, and Pioneer.

8:34AM - David Geise takes the podium now to go over accessories, tries to spice up this rather bland category. Promises some rather "advanced accessories" for music distribution, networking, satellite reception, etc. Announces membership in the HD-PLC Alliance, along with products that enable this type of home networking.

8:37AM - Also announces Z-Wave-enabled products, including iPod touch base to control various home automation functions.

8:40AM - Things seem to be wrapping up, showing off the Bluetooth Mini-Bridge Stereo Headset that we recently saw from AR. Here's an AR wireless music remote for your iPod, up to 100-feet away. Least exciting, a bunch of antennas for digital reception under the TERK brand. Smart antennas promise to auto-tune supported boxes.

8:42AM - Ah, spoke too soon. Here come the, no questions. Stay tuned for a booth tour!

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