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Nyko offering plethora of peripherals in early '08


Third-party peripheral manufacturer Nyko is currently at CES showing off its new wares for early 2008. Though we've seen some of the stuff like the Wireless Wii Nunchuk before, we've now got details and pricing. A Nyko representative informed us that every item but the guitars should be out in the first quarter of '08 (before April) -- the guitars should be available in March or April.
  • Wireless Nunchuk: Two AAA batteries (included) supposedly give 30 hours of gameplay; suggested price of $30.
  • Xbox 360 Charge Base: Reminiscent of the Sixaxis charger redesign, suggested price is also $30.
  • Frontman wireless guitars (Wii and PS3): Frontman for Wii is fully compatible with Guitar Hero III and the PS3 version is compatible with Guitar Hero III and Rock Band. PS3 and Wii guitars will be $60 and $50 respectively.
  • PSP-2000 Charger Grip: "Ergonomic grips" with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that should last 10 hours for $30.
  • PS3 Zero Wireless Controller: Up to 25 hours with rechargeable NiMH battery with motion sensing and vibration. Suggested price of $60.
There are more products being introduced, which you can see on Nyko's website; check out the gallery below for life-like images you could almost reach out and grab out of your screen.*

*Joystiq is not responsible for broken monitors and/or fingers belonging to those foolish enough to try.

[Via Press Release]

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