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Postal devs lay Person of the Year award at Tallarico's feet

Jason Dobson

Video Games Live co-creator Tommy Tallarico has been singled out as the 2007's Person of the Year. No, not by Time magazine, or really any outlet from which we'd expect such acclaim to originate, but rather by outspoken game studio Running with Scissors, creators of the controversial Postal game franchise. As the first such award bestowed by the studio, the accolade was announced during Running with Scissors' annual holiday shindig.

We appreciate the effort, and are glad to see when personalities within the game industry are recognized, but in all honestly we can't recall a time when anything said by Running with Scissors was met with anything but indifference. If we were Tallarico, and believe us when we say that nothing could be further from the truth, we'd be inclined to accept the award, nod, and back out of the room. Slowly.

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