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Rez HD: extra controllers double as trance vibrators (seriously)

That the very first comment on our very first Rez HD post asked if the updated shooter contained support for the infamous trance vibrator peripheral should come as no surprise. Though Mizuguchi says the device wasn't meant to be sexual, ever since that 2002 game girl advance post buzzed its way onto the internets, the vibrating peripheral has become a thing of gaming lore.

While they're not releasing a new peripheral for the XBLA release and they're not enabling support for the USB original, we did learn of another option at a Microsoft meeting at CES this morning: you can enable trance vibrator support through an additional Xbox 360 controller (or three – you can use all four slots). How long before someone switches the guts from a 360 controller and a trance vibrator? Our guess: not long.

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