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Sandio 3D Game O2 mouse announced at CES

Darren Murph

Sandio's Game O' 3D mouse managed to catch our eye back in May of '06, and now the firm is just getting around to unveiling the successor. Still touting that oh-so-catchy 3D moniker, the 3D Game O2 allows Google Earth / Virtual Earth users to "fly through without dealing with keyboard or on-screen navigation tabs." 'Course, it didn't miss the opportunity to inform Second Life residents that they too can enjoy more realistic flying motions with this here device, and users of CAD software could also find a few obvious benefits. Regarding improvements from the previous version, this one reportedly rocks "improved hardware quality and software usability as well as auto-loading of key 3D application drivers and plug-ins." Best of all, there's no waiting involved in acquiring one -- so long as you're parked in the US, Canada, China or Japan, you can grab one at your convenience for $79.99.

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