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Sierra's Prototype is first game with Neural-THX 7.1 surround sound


For those with cavernous home theaters (or just really keen ears), Sierra is pleased to announce that Radical Entertainment's Prototype will be the first video game – evar! – to feature Neural-THX Surround technology, capable of driving sound through seven speakers and a subwoofer. While some critics have denounced 7.1 surround as "nonsensical" for home use, there is undoubtedly at least one audiophile out there who has been itching to press his ear to the right side-mounted speaker and proclaim, "Yes! The sound of that gunfire does correlate to the man on the right of the screen unloading his AK-47 into me and not to the other man just behind me firing off that Glock 19 – brilliant!" Sadly, these finer points will be lost on those of with just five speakers or, dare we mention, only two.

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