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Wolfking announces MVP series gamepad and mouse for gamers


If you're the type of gamer who digs alternative input devices, you might have a gander at the Wolfking Warrior gamepad (sister site Massively has a review) and the Trooper gaming mouse (besides, any gadget named after an Iron Maiden song is worth a head turn). Both units have gotten an update in the new MVP series, with the Warrior USB 2.0 55-key circular gamepad receiving a style update in the form of deep black audio keys to match its matte black finish. The Trooper delivers a frame rate in excess of 7080 frames per second, up to 45ips and 20g high speed motion detection, 2400 dpi resolution, onboard LED displays and a Rapid Fire Switch function button that lets you select your rate of fire from 1 to 4 shots per click. The MVP Series versions will be coming in at $34.99 for the Warrior and $59.99 for the Trooper.

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