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ZyXEL intros DMA1100P HomePlug AV digital media adapter

Darren Murph

HomePlug's had a rocky past, but ZyXEL's looking to take the technology to new heights with the DMA1100P HomePlug AV digital media adapter. Dubbed a "simple solution" to enable consumers to share content on an HDTV via power lines, the "world's first" DMA with integrated HomePlug AV Powerline technology includes support for 1080i streaming and HDMI output. Purportedly, users can toss content around on their home power lines at around 200Mbps and it also "automatically discovers all media files from DLNA supported devices and makes them available for browsing and playback." Granted, we'd be a wee bit gun-shy about pulling the trigger on this one, but the brave souls out there who believe that this stuff will deliver can grab it next month for $269.99.

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