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1080p TVs don't always look better than 720p TVs

Ben Drawbaugh

When it comes to electronics, everyone loves a good spec, but do specs tell the whole story? One of the biggest misconceptions with HDTVs is that the most important spec is resolution. Well, if you believe the Image Science Foundation, resolution is actually the fourth most important specification right behind; contrast ratio, color saturation, and color accuracy. Of course, color is hard to measure and not nearly as exciting, but it should be no surprise that Pioneer believes their 42-inch 720p HDTV looks better than many 1080p LCDs and honestly, we agree. The key to the Kuro line is contrast; and "Once you go Kuro, you never, uh, returro." Also, don't ever let specs tell your eyes how good a TV looks.

[Thanks, Ben]

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