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Code Collector Pro 1.1.3


While many apps can accomplish the capturing and organizing of text, Code Collector Pro offers a singular focus on code snippets that makes it an excellent tool for programmers. It features a simple interface with tagging support, grouping and code highlighting which is accomplished by way of language definitions from TextMate bundles. If you already code in TextMate, you'll be able to add support for your favorite languages to Code Collector Pro with ease. The bundles are available for non-TextMate users as well.

Code Collector Pro's system service quickly adds snippets to your collection from any application; that's definitely useful. A menubar item is also included which allows for quick searching and copy-to-clipboard of your snippets. That part needs a little refining to reduce the mouse-keyboard-mouse switching necessary to complete the search.

Version 1.1.3 was released today with some minor bug fixes. Registering Code Collector Pro will run you about $29 (€20) and a demo is available. There is a far less feature-packed but entirely free standard version as well. A feature comparison is available on the Pro page.

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