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Engadget Podcast 110 - 01.08.2008

Trent Wolbe

It wouldn't be CES without the Engadget Podcast, right? That's why we're back today with the first in a series of special CES edition podcasts with hosts Ryan Block and Peter Rojas. In today's installment we go over a bunch of the biggest announcements of the past few days, including Warner's HD DVD bombshell; the news that Sony is adding Skype to the PSP, introducing a new mylo, and bringing the Rolly to the States; Alienware's curved ultrawidescreen panoramic gaming display; and Apple's attempt to steal some of that CES thunder with the announcements of a new Mac Pro and Xserve.

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Hosts: Peter Rojas and Ryan Block
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Solvent - Instructograph (Ghostly International)

05:42 - Warner goes Blu-ray exclusive
09:39 - HD DVD group cancels CES press conference in wake of Warner announcement: daaamn
14:43 - Sony officially announces Skype on PSP
16:11 - Sony's new mylo (2) now official
22:25 - Sony's Rolly music player / robot coming to the US this spring
26:03 - Alienware curved display rocks Crysis at 2880 x 900
30:02 - Apple updates Mac Pro -- "the fastest Mac we've ever made"
33:17 - Apple updates Xserve -- "most powerful Apple server ever"


Contact the podcast: 1-888-ENGADGET, Engadget (Gizmo Project) or podcast at engadget dawt com

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