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Haze release still hazy, but Ubisoft says before April


An actual release date for Haze is slowly becoming clear, in so much as we've now got a three month window to focus on. Ars Technica spoke with Ubisoft who confirmed that the game is expected between now and the end of March (for you fiscal calendar trackers that's Ubisoft's Q4).

The release date of Haze has certainly kept up with the game's name. Originally expected for the holidays, the title was mercifully delayed for what Ubisoft says was to "put the final touches to the game." More recently there were rumors of a possible January release, which finally lead to Ubisoft giving this Q4 window -- but we've had a confirmed release date before, so hopefully by the time the Nectar causing this ridiculous release experience wears off the game will be out.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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