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Hold on! Rez HD releases to the XBLA this month

Dustin Burg

Q Entertainment just shot an email out to our iron-fisted rulers at Joystiq to tell everyone that Rez HD will release to the Xbox Live Arcade in "only a few weeks" and that it'll be priced at a soothing 800 Microsoft points.

Q also sent some new in-game screenshots which show off its trippy visuals (we've added them to the recently created gallery) and confirmed that Rez HD will sport updated 5.1 audio, new visuals and a Replay Theater to further induce brain seizures. Joystiq also confirmed that Rez HD on the 360 will feature its own version of the infamous PS2 Trance Vibrator where you'll have the option to enable rumble on three additional Xbox 360 controllers, place them wherever you choose and let the Rez vibrating bliss ensue. And yes, we're afraid to see how people will use that "feature"


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