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MS memo claims 360's record success in '07 and a next-gen victory

Dustin Burg

Dean Takahashi over at the Mercury News posted a memo he received from Microsoft games head Dan Mattrick, one that is far from ordinary and reeks of success, pride and optimism. Actually, the memo is so optimisticlly enjoyable it goes as far as to claim that the "Xbox 360 is on track to register the biggest year in video game history" for 2007. Yeah, it's that good.

In the memo, Mattrick goes on to gloat about the 360's success in North America including figures like $3.5 billion in Xbox 360 hardware, accessories and software were sold in 2007, which is $1 billion more than the Wii and $2 billion more than the PS3. And the goods don't stop there. Mattrick also talks about the 360's third party revenue eclipsing both the Wii and PS3's totals combined and that the 360 should break the record for most revenue generated in a year, breaking the PS2's record. Wowzaz!

Dan Mattrick continues his celebration memo with other facts and figures including such gems like Xbox Live serving 380 million downloads since launch, Live hosting more than 560,000 years of network time and that Halo 3 has logged over 1.5 billion multiplayer matches to date. And with all that info we think it's safe to say that the Xbox 360 is in a solid position among the big three and that 2008 will bring more success. We guess Dan says it best; the Xbox 360 will be "the leader of this generation of consoles". Oh it will.

[Via Joystiq]

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