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Nav N Go iGO8 3D navigation software on PSP, elsewhere


Nav N Go announced the launch of the latest release of its 3D Navigation Software, Nav N Go iGO8, for the North American market. Curiously, the press release then goes on to announce that Sony will begin selling PSP bundled with Nav N Go iGO8 software in Europe in March '08 ... which, last time we checked, wasn't North America. But, for the Euro-challenged amongst you, Ingram Micro will include iGO8 in their V7 line of GPS units in Q208 while HP's iPAQ 310 Travel Companion will as well. The Nav N Go iGO8 software isn't content with mapping your world though, it also includes a music and video player, some games, and travel guides ... because that's what you've been waiting for in your GPS software, no?

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