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Reader WoWspace of the Week: Shaard


Along with Reader UI of the Week, we're also bringing back the Reader WoWspace of the Week, just in time for your downtime enjoyment! (We're thoughtful like that.) Of course, much like the Reader UI column, this column survives or dies based on your submissions! We've got some in the mailbox still, but we want more pictures and stories! If you've ever thought about submitting a WoWspace, now is a good time to do it! (And remember, we like 'em candid. -- Besides, I did it, you can too!)

For this week's entry, we've got four pictures from Shaard -- and we're even keeping with our Druid theme today! (Although the WoWspace isn't perhaps very Druid-y.) For an in-depth look at a candid and unedited WoWspace, join us after the jump when Shaard tells us all about it.

I have enjoyed reading about all of the other places that people enjoy the same game as I do and I would like to let them enjoy mine as well. I will start with the basics.

The character -
Shaard, Level 66 Night Elf Druid on the Thrall Server (US) -- Along with multiple alts.

The computer - (In Red)
24" Aluminum iMac with the ATI Radeon 2600 Pro 256MB video card
-Also powering a 19" Samsung SyncMaster 912n
Wireless Bluetooth Apple keyboard
Wireless Microsoft Intellimouse
RCA 720 watt surround sound system for all game sounds

The communication -
Motorola HT820 Bluetooth Headset for both Ventrilo and Teamspeak depending on the situation (In Blue)
LG VX9800 through Verizon Wireless (In Green)

The game fuel - (In Pink)
Glorious Mountain Dew

Not colored but just as important and hidden in other pictures -
My amazing girlfriend, who doesn't yell at me (much) for playing too much WoW
iPod Video (Not the Classic)
The girlfriend's laptop
Unused Apple Mighty Mouse
House Season 1 DVD
Desk purchased from Staples
Planner handed out by my school - Go Dragons!
Bicycle tire pump
Butterfingers, mini marshmallows, a Squirt because I ran out of Dew for a little while

As you can see it is the same desk that I study (very little in my case) and it is in my room here at college. I bought the computer with money I saved up over summer because it was like a dream computer for me. I also use it for work as I do audio/video editing and minor 3D graphic design.

That's right -- Amazing girlfriend does indeed feature in these pictures! See?

Tahdah, unedited, now with 100% more amazing girlfriend than previous pictures! (Although we have to wonder if she's not going to kill him for sending us a picture of her asleep, really. Being cool with you playing WoW is one thing...) For dorm living, this is a pretty sweet setup, though. Of course, now we want chocolate covered pretzels. Nom nom nom.

If you're feeling brave -- or even if not -- grab your camera, snap a picture of your WoWspace (feel free to include your own version of awesome people) write up a bit about it and send it to us here at WoW Insider before you think twice. Your WoWspace could be featured next!

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