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TN Games straps on 3rd Space G-Force/Racing Vest


We're going to stop teasing TR Games about their motto – "get pounded on your own terms" – just long enough to give you all some info on its 3rd Space G-Force/Racing Vest and HXT helmet, first announced last week. The less puerile amongst you may also not be interested in donning a fashionably dubious vest or helmet while playing your video games, but for the rest of you/us, check out these specs: 6 large force cells are placed in the vest, with 2 in the back, 2 in the chest, and 2 more along the compression straps, all engineered to deliver that totally pleasurable experience of being hurtled at high velocity; the helmet has four cells for "head shots" with air jets over each ear for "near misses." Weird. Developers will need to build in support for the vest and helmet into their products using a freely available SDK but, something tells us, adoption will be sparse. We'll know more when the GFR Vest is released, in red and white, in mid-2008. There's no date for the helmet and no price for either, but you can check out a pic of the HXT after the break.

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