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Xbox Live Diamond now requires membership fee

Dustin Burg

If you're familiar with the Xbox Live Diamond Card program, then you know that membership in it entitles you to all kinds of deals from a bunch of online retailers as well as retailers in your neighborhood. Some offers are rather good while others are worthless, but membership into the Diamond program has been free since its launch, so we've never complained. That is until now.

Starting in March, Microsoft's program partner Passport Unlimited will be taking complete control over the Diamond program and will begin charging an annual fee. $6.95 a year to be exact. Registration is closed until the transfer is complete and current members will keep their membership free of charge until their 2008 expiration date when Passport Unlimited will require payment to renew. Honestly, the program isn't super useful and we don't see many people forking over $7 to keep access to a free Taco Johns softshell taco coupon. Then again, those tacos are mighty tasty.

[Via Gamertag Radio]

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