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Bluetrek's SurfaceSound Bluetooth car kit puts a flat speaker on your visor

Nilay Patel

Bluetooth car kits are usually pretty fuglicious, but Bluetrek is showing off a couple sunvisor-mounted NXT speaker-based units here at CES that are actually pretty nice. The SurfaceSound DUO (pictured) has a mini-USB port for docking in compatible BlueTrek headsets, and it'll charge 'em up while piping the audio through the speaker -- and if you aren't in a sharing mood, you can pull the headset out and carry on a conversation without interruption. We sort of prefer the SurfaceSound Compact, which is a straight Bluetooth speaker+mic kit, since it's a lot smaller, and doesn't lock you into one brand of headset. Check out tons more shots of both the DUO and the Compact in the gallery.

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