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Cadillac Provoq is latest host for GM's E-Flex fuel cell powertrain


GM is planning a few of these E-Flex vehicles, and while the Chevrolet Volt is the current flagship, this one ain't no slouch in the looks department. Perhaps more importantly, the Cadillac Provoq crossover looks much closer to a ready-for-market car than your average concept. This edition of E-Flex uses a fuel-cell stack to power a 70-kilowatt motor for the front wheels and a pair of in-hub 30-kilowatt motors in the back. A pair of 10,000 psi hydrogen storage tanks and a lithium-ion battery should muster about a 300-mile range, with only about 20 of that coming from the battery. Still, you can charge the battery with plugs on both sides of the car, and that 20 miles might be just enough to complete your daily commute -- or perhaps fuel a desperate attempt to track down a hydrogen filling station. There's a solar panel on top to help power internal electronics, and the powertrain design allows for a good amount of storage and leg room. It's unclear at this time if GM's going to take Provoq to market, but we're certainly looking forward to one of these E-Flex dealios going all the way.

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