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GameFly testing pre-played trade-in program


GameFly, the by-mail game rental service, is beginning to offer select members the option to trade in their used games for credit toward membership fees. We contacted GameFly and a company representative said, "We've been testing a trade-in program for a few months now. When we are convinced that there is sufficient consumer demand and the customer experience is highly robust, we expect to make it available to all our members. For now, it is still in beta form and we continue to monitor the results."

If the program is implemented we'll have to make it a mission to get a comparison chart between GameFly and GameStop trade-in values. If GameFly's exceptional store prices are any indication (and naturally assuming they don't resell games at a loss), we fear that trade-in values won't be that much better. But poking around the GameFly store it's quite clear why the company is testing this trade-in program, especially after its end-of-year sale -- the current console store selection is practically cleared out!

[Thanks Shoeshineboy]

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