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Nokia 2760 for T-Mobile shows up in FCC

Chris Ziegler

Stay calm, nothing to get too excited about, but Nokia appears to be prepping yet another low-end flip for T-Mobile (we'd have preferred some S60-based superphone here -- but then again, we imagine they'd have kept the lid a little tighter on the FCC documents if that's what was going on). The 2760 is a phone Nokia pushes as an "emerging markets" device -- yeah, it's really low-end -- and might be ripe to replace the 6103, rocking a tiny external display, Bluetooth, and VGA camera all wrapped up in a rather plasticky looking shell. AWS 3G isn't in the cards here; in fact, the 2760 is advertised as topping out at GPRS, so we wouldn't recommend anyone go do anything crazy like tether this sucker.

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