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Capcom: Bionic Commando on Wii possible, if demand is there


When the game was revealed, we quickly replied with a "meh," anticipating the title would not arrive on our beloved Wii system (Capcom loves that 360 thing). Sure enough, it was only going to arrive on the other current-gen systems. But, times change and apparently Capcom could be open to changing the game up a tad and fitting it for the Wii. That is, if you all want it.

And, after watching the game's hero whip things, we have come to the conclusion that we want the game. The reticle aiming and whipping action looks like it would be a perfect match for the Wii's control scheme. Of course, should the game turn out to be bad, we'll be kicking ourselves for making such a stink about the whole thing.

What do you all think? Would you play the game, or could you not care less?

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