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CDMA Nokia with EV-DO passes the FCC

Chris Ziegler

The Dark Age of Nokia's CDMA relations may be finally drawing to a close. After a series of forgettable rebranded Pantechs (seriously Nokia, what the crap was up with that?), we were encouraged last year by the introduction of the rather low-end 2135 candybar, an honest-to-goodness Nokia that seemed to indicate Nokia / Qualcomm relations might -- might be warming. This device features EV-DO data and Bluetooth, but that's about all we can gather from the few FCC docs that aren't protected by the confidentiality clause at the moment; we don't know who it might be headed for, whether it runs S40 or S60, or any other juicy little bits of information that would make the Nokia faithful on Verizon and Sprint drool. We'll pass along details as we get 'em, of course.

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