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FiOS TV celebrates one year, comes to more homes in New Jersey

Darren Murph

Just as CES was hitting full swing here in Vegas, Verizon cranked up a party of its own in order to commemorate one year of FiOS TV in the Garden State. A dozen months back, the service initially launched in around 100 New Jersey communities, and as of today, FiOS TV touches some 270 communities in 15 counties. Thankfully, however, VZW actually invited quite a few individuals to join in the festivities -- namely residents in 11 Gloucester County communities, which can now order up FiOS TV in their neck of the woods. Also of note, customers in the area who sign up for the fiber-based television service by February 3rd (and have everything installed by March 1st) can look forward to receiving a free 19-inch Magnavox LCD HDTV. Not exactly a KURO or anything, but hey, gratis is gratis.

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