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Free Stallone Rambo downloads on the XBLM

Dustin Burg

To help advertise the brand new Rambo movie and to put a few extra dollars in Stallone's pocket (which he'll spend on Botox injections anyway), Lions Gate just released a free Rambo theme and gamer picture set to the XBLM. Which, as with all US movie content, we expect to be only available to US Xbox Live subscribers.

The free Rambo theme is mediocre with different backgrounds for each blade, but absolutely no attention was paid to skinning the guide. And that makes us sad. But the gamer pictures are rather nifty, but only if one enjoys Rambo's face. A noticeably less Botulinum'ized face. Grab the free downloads if you can and support the Rambo movie which will be in theaters January 25th. That is if you want to. If not, we won't tell.

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