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How to make ToonTown work with your router

Robin Torres

Are you or your children getting the above message when trying to play ToonTown Online? When I first started playing, I was unable to play for more than 10 minutes at a time. Whenever I zoned, I only had about a 30% chance for actually staying in the game. I submitted many bug reports, but the responses from TT customer service, while prompt, were completely unhelpful:
  • Update my video driver
  • Update my router firmware
  • Update my network card driver
  • Don't use wireless
  • Delete a possibly corrupted file
The first three "solutions" are of course good things to do. Your drivers should always be up to date for optimum performance, but they didn't solve my problem. Fortunately, Knuckles Fiddlefinger, an employee of the Nerd Herd Geek Squad, posted the solution on the ToonTown Central Forums. The problem is how ToonTown handles routers. So even if you are running WoW or City of Heroes or even Disney's own Pirates of the Carribean Online just fine, you still need to setup your router to handle ToonTown Online. Instructions on how are after the jump.

In order to have continuous play on ToonTown you must set the Port Triggering for ports 6112 and 6667 on your router setup screen. Port Forwarding only affects one computer on your network (and didn't work at all for me), so you must set these ports up for ToonTown on the Port Triggering portion of the setup. Here are specific instructions for a Linksys router:

  1. Go to your Linksys setup screen, directions for which can be found in your User Guide (downloadable here).
  2. Select the Applications and Gaming tab.
  3. Select the Port Triggering tab.
  4. Setup the ports as follows then press the Save Settings button:

I don't know the technical reasons, but I got errors when I typed out ToonTown Online in the Application name section. The TT abbreviation works just fine, however.

Setting up all routers should be similar to these steps. Please consult your User Guide for details or a technical professional if you are not comfortable with performing this task.

These steps changed the game from unplayable to enjoyable for me. Did this help you? What other issues are you or your child having when playing TT?

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