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Metareview: Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law


Who is the man in the suit? How is his game on the Wii? Do you really want to see scores? It seems like a can't miss formula: use the game design from a funny game about lawyers and the writing from a funny TV show about lawyers. Apparently, though, Harvey Birdman suffers from the fact that the writers are used to providing twelve minutes of material at a time.

Game Informer -- 60%: GI's Joe Juba thinks that the game gets in the way of all the lulz you could be lulling: "On one hand, it's commendable that Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law succeeds in capturing the humor of the cartoon. But do you know what else does that? The cartoon itself. With the latter, however, you just get to sit back and enjoy the irreverence. In the game, you are forced to interact with an unintuitive world devoid of any satisfaction. The correct choices are either obvious or ridiculous, robbing you of any sense that you're putting together pieces in a meaningful way."

Game|Life --60%: Chris Kohler found the game short and easy, but satisfying in the comedy department: "If you're looking for something as challenging as Phoenix Wright, be warned that Birdman comes up far short in this regard. Play this one if all you want is a few more hours with Harvey with some light gameplay elements squeezed in."

1UP -- 55%: The comedy didn't work as well for Andrew Fitch, he found that it either was old or obfuscated the clue-hunting gameplay: "Gameplay aside, in a lighthearted adventure like this, the biggest crime is not being consistently offense of which Harvey Birdman is regrettably guilty. The script, penned by two of the show's creators, feels like slapped-together B material, and the rare laugh-out-loud moments -- such as trench coat-clad spy Secret Squirrel's penchant for flashing -- are recycled from funnier capers on the original series."


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