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Rumor: Wii Fit into Nintendo's release schedule for May 20th?


1UP, like some other sites on the Internet, put an article up about Wii Fit's mega-awesome performance in Japan. It includes the requisite Photoshop suggesting that Shigeru Miyamoto is flush with wealth, of course. But their writeup of the news has a little something extra: a release date. If the information casually dropped in the post is accurate, we will be stepping onto and off of things as soon as May 20th.

We're confused and frightened by the lack of any official release information regarding this game. Nintendo hasn't even announced a year for the North American release. Wii Fit is kind of the "next big thing" in expanded-audience Wii gaming, and thus we assume that they plan to, you know, sell it. We find a potential release date soothing. And why would 1UP just pull a date out of nowhere like that? The specificity lends credibility to the claim. Anyway, May seems as good a time as any!


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