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Tabula Rasa clan punches their way to victory

Chris Chester

I suppose you could debate the raw salience of this video to the greater news-hungry public but... well, we're not all always entirely serious around here. And speaking personally, anything played sped up to the Benny Hill theme song is usually good for at least a chuckle from me. The video you see before you is the Invictus clan on Tabula Rasa's Pegasus server making a naked holiday-themed rampage through the leafy planet of Foreas. While naked clan runs are hardly particular to Tabula Rasa (though this is among the first we've seen up on YouTube), what's particularly impressive is that Invictus was able to do their fellow members of the Allied Free Sentients a service and take over a couple capture points while they were at it. I suppose it speaks to the enduring power of humanity that a group of determined, albeit naked, humans can punch their way to victory.

So now we've seen them free the Wilderness from the Bane's icy grasp. Can we get a naked Mires going soon?

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