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Apollo Justice doesn't object to Feb. 19 release [update]

Justin McElroy

We already knew that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the first batch of cases for Capcom's new lawyer, was coming in early 2008, and Capcom let us know exactly how early today. Phoenix's successor is going to make his debut on February 12 February 19. If you haven't been keeping up with series, you might be interested to learn that this is the first edition of the game built from the ground up for the DS.

If you want to get a sampling of the new gameplay, you'll be able to find a web demo at this site at some point this month. If you're the impatient sort, you can just check out this fan-made version here.

[Updated: Capcom's original press release mistakenly had the game releasing on the 12th and not the 19th.]

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