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Hands-on with Modelab's Hummer and Levi's handsets


We've seen both the Levi's and Hummer sets over the last few months, but haven't had opportunity to talk to the gents over at Modelabs or get a chance to see them in real life. While we weren't able to glean too much new info, we did hear that they do hope to see these things land over here but not with a carrier, these will simply be sold as unlocked handsets -- potentially through Hummer dealers and Levi's stores. Specs are sketch, but we do know neither sports 3G, WiFi or other high speed access technologies. Build quality is very nice on both handsets, but the Levi's set is actually pretty fantastic, we're not big on the Levi's branding, but the screen and device materials are jaw-droppingly fantastic. We only say the black iteration of the Levi's set, but the Hummer branded phone comes in yellow, and dark and light camo. Pics are just below.

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